What we're doing

On Monday, March 12th, Krista & Matt will be going to a courthouse to get married. However, we wanted all our family and friends to be able to celebrate with us, so on Sunday, March 11th we are having a fantastic party! That is also the weekend of CSz Portland's 25th anniversary, so those coming from farther away have more of an excuse to come!

What to Wear

Please wear black and/or white. You do not have to wear black AND white, but you may. You can wear a tuxedo, a funeral outfit, a clown costume, a double quiñceanera dress, or a wedding gown, as long as it is black and/or white

RSVP by 2/14

Please let us know if you're coming --especially if you're coming for the weekend. We don't want anyone to feel left out, so please RSVP by February 14th!

Food & Drink

We will have that at the pre-ception. Mostly beer, wine, and some sort of heavy snackage, but there may be some throwback Dagoba Drank as well.* We'll likely have some casserole type foods. We have to follow Oregon liquor laws, so drinks will not be self-serve.

March 11, 2018

Festivities begin at 4:30pm! Please arrive before 5pm


If you're asking this, get off our website.

What's Gimme Danger?

Gimme Danger is Krista's ComedySportz nickname (Krista "Gimme" Simonis) and Matt's ComedySportz nickname (Matt "Danger" Russell) put together. It also seems to be an adequate joint name for two people who do something as crazy as marriage. It's also their wifi password. *shhhh*

ComedySportz Portland

Our pre-ception will be held at ComedySportz Portland.

Parking & Transit

We recommend you take public transportation. The streetcar runs just a few streets over and it's an easy walk, or there's Lyft, Car2Go, and buses. If you must drive, carpool. You can park in the parking lot for Guild Mortgage, or if that's full there is the lot on the corner of 18th and Lovejoy.

Lodging & Travel

We've started a Facebook group so you can see if there are other people that may want to split accommodations.

Please, sir, may I have access to the Facebook group?

Airbnb: Airbnb has some wonderful places at reasonable prices. Keep in mind that staying close to the theater may be a little more expensive. Average price range is $80-$120 per night. There's also a hostel near the theater, but availability may be limited. 

Hotels: While we do not have anything set up at the moment with any hotels, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay at one of the many amazing hotels that the city of roses has to offer. Average price range is $90-$150 per night.

Bunk up with a friend: This might be the cheapest way for some. Krista and Matt can’t host people at their studio apartment, but that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to the wonderful people of CSz Portland!


We'd always rather have you come to the preception and see you, but you can also donate to the Fresnel Theater or check out our Amazon registry.

*What's Dagoba Drank?

Dagoba Drank was the punch made at the May the Fourth be With You party where Krista and Matt first got together. It's Lime sherbet, 7up, vodka, Midori, Tequila, sweet and sour mix and dry ice. It's as deliciously disgusting and dangerous as it sounds.